Noted as reading “Strategies for creating new habits and its barriers” (Vietnamese version) on Ubrand

The usual mindset is focusing on the RESULTS. However, practicing the habits regularly, in fact, is an important and useful tool to achieve the “results”.

Besides, that the concentration on maintaining habits rather than “achieving the X goal prior some Y date” RELEASES us from those giant PRESSURE which knocks us out earlier than getting “X”. THAT has been being a CONVENIENT ENVIRONMENT to implement your goals.

This pattern has, obviously, an extreme effect, especially in the first period, in applying new habits to our lives and gaining what we want.

There is a new vision, a new pattern for creating a habit. There may has some difficulties in the first period of practicing this pattern, because we have been get used to the old things. However, it’s rather easy, logic and useful when we apply it with persistence.

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